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Cabin Doors

All doors include Steecon-patented safety decompression hinges - FAA-approved frangible technology. Unique to our hinge design is a "reset" feature that enables the hinges and door to be set back into the original operable position should the door become disengaged.

Choose from a variety of “standard” mechanized door configurations to suit your aircraft type, size and project needs:

  • Pocket or swing
  • Single or dual/double panel
  • Automated/electric or manual-operation

A 2.25” bulkhead pocket is all that is needed to accommodate most door types; mechanisms are conveniently mounted on support panels and ship fully assembled for installation ease. Due to the highly customized nature of cabin interiors, our doors do not include door panel finishing material; completion centers will supply and install this material per their customer’s specifications.

Also available with most automated doors is the Steecon-patented “Easy Access” feature which provides technician access to critical components in minutes vs. hours without bulkhead removal.

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Door Handles/Latches

Crafted specifically for Steecon doors, our stylish handles and privacy latches are guaranteed to work effortlessly with internal door mechanisms while improving door aesthetics and complimenting the overall cabin design. Included with each door purchase is a standard Steecon handle set. Choose from three (3) latching styles (P/N 3502342, 3502377 or 3502682) or two (2) non-latching (P/N 3502419 or 3502675).

If your project requires a custom-designed or built handle, give us your specs and we will provide a no-obligation quote.

The key advantage to using our standard or custom-built handles is the assurance that they will be positioned correctly and operate the door flawlessly.

Note: Door handle/latch and/or push button plating is not included in the services that we provide. Doors will be shipped with unplated handles and/or push buttons.

Upgrade Services

Our doors are built to last! Preferences and technology can change over time so we offer the following door upgrade services:

  • Manual to electric operation conversion 
  • Motor upgrade to existing electric door
  •  Tables

    Custom-built air cabin table styles include Hi-Lo and side ledge, both with either manual or automated operation. Single and dual pedestal tables stow within inches of the floor for easy and convenient divan seating-to-sleeping conversions. Dual-pedestal tables also include a unique stabilization feature that provides maximum structure stability with smooth, synchronized operation.

    Side ledge tables are the newest addition to our product line and are available in various sizes to suit your aircraft project; contact us to discuss your requirements.

    With decades of engineering expertise, unique table design requests are encouraged and welcome!

    Note: Table mechanisms do not include table top finishing material or parts plating. Custom Hi-Lo table leg shrouds and beauty rings can be quoted separately.

    Click here to browse our Table products.
     Monitor Lifts and Mounts

    Our monitor lift and mount mechanisms can be incorporated in various locations throughout the aircraft cabin – bulkhead walls, side ledges, cabinets and even seat arm rests. Lifts and mounts are manufactured to accommodate a wide variety of monitor sizes; provide us with monitor dimensions and the manufacturer and we'll build a mechanism to spec.

    Wall-mounted lifts electronically lower/raise flat-panel monitors within the bulkhead; decorative artwork or coordinating wall covering materials conceal the monitor when not in use to enhance cabin aesthetics. Add a decorative picture frame to complement the cabin décor and add an “at home” feel.

    Manually or automatically operated side ledge and cabinet monitor lifts allow viewing angle adjustment when deployed and provide discreet stowage. For small aircraft, a space-saving bulkhead mount design permits a monitor to extend into a doorway and pivot 90° for optimal viewing and pass through clearance.

    Even the smallest monitors can be conveniently accommodated in the arms of seats; contact us for further details regarding this style of lift/mount.

    Note: Monitors, artwork, frames and/or wall covering material are not included with the mechanisms.

    Click here to browse our Monitor products.
    Custom Cabin Interior Solutions Custom Cabin Interior Solutions

    Well known for innovative engineering, we transform interior design concepts requiring mechanization into reality. Although expert craftsman in cabin doors, tables and monitor lifts/mounts, our capabilities extend beyond. Share your design/engineering challenges with us and you will receive efficient and effective solutions incorporating reliable, high-quality products that provide the ultimate passenger convenience and comfort.

    Please contact us regarding your unique project requirements.
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