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Our HistoryIn 1982, an aerospace engineer in Huntington Beach, California, had an idea -- to manufacture a better frangible pocket door for the burgeoning VIP aircraft industry. That engineer was Charles Steel, and the product that he subsequently developed in his garage became the first product offering of Steecon.

Nowadays the company works with completion centers, aircraft owners, designers and OEM’s worldwide. “Our focus on customization, quality and reliability has allowed us to expand from a small business to the organization we are today,” says company president, Chris Steel. “But even more instrumental to our growth has been the people; both customers and employees.

Building on the success of its patented frangible pocket door, Steecon has expanded its product line to include a variety of customized monuments. Hi-Lo tables, sideledge tables, monitor lifts and curved pocket doors are now available in both manual and electrically operated versions, for all VIP aircraft. Every Steecon product is custom built to order and arrives pre-assembled for ease of installation.

“We don’t just sell products, we also support them after installation," says Steel. "Being responsive to our customers is vitally important. You know that issues are going to come up from time to time and it’s how you handle them that separates you from the competition. Our customers know that they can truly count on us for the support they need.”

Although a small organization by some standards, over the course of its 36 years in business, Steecon has worked closely with major manufacturers and completion centers to design, engineer, and manufacture thousands of monuments.

“Having a dedicated team of employees and manufacturing 98% of the components used in our products in-house, has enabled us to react more quickly to changes during projects,” says Steel. “We continue to bring more and more manufacturing in-house so that we can ensure we meet our customers’ demands for quality and reliability, but also allow for last minute design changes."

Steel attributes the company's success to solid engineering skills, innovative ideas, and an openness to taking manufacturing risks. “We build our products to last,” he adds. “In fact, some of our first pocket doors are still in service today. We know this because they are returned to us periodically for a technology upgrade or a service check-up.”

While pocket doors are still our core business, the product line has grown to include mechanized:

Tables -- Hi-Lo, side ledge and arm-rest | More info on Tables

Flat-panel TV lifts/mounts -- bulkhead-mounted, side ledge and credenza | More info on Monitors

Built-on-demand interior cabin products -- custom orders for uniquely engineered, one-of-a kind items | More info on Built-on-Demand

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