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Our Philosophy - Handshake Our Philosophy

Over the past 34 years, Steecon has continually succeeded in meeting the aviation industry’s rigorous demands for safe, high-quality, light-weight products delivered on-time and within budget. Producing superior, reliable products is one of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. To that end, many of our first production-run pocket doors are still in service after decades of use. We believe this is a true testament to our product quality and customer service.

And to ensure our products provide the best value in the marketplace we offer maintenance and upgrade services. 

We regard our customers as partners and as such, are committed to developing long-term relationships by providing:

A forum through which there is an open exchange of ideas

A flexible business model that allows for customization

Products that are well-engineered, built of high-quality material and are operationally reliable

Exemplary customer support

Competitive pricing

Minimal lead times


Working With Us

Upon receipt of an RFQ, we review the project SOW, timing and budget with the customer and submit the requested quote for their review/approval. As part of this process, customers should examine the following documents:

[Steecon Standard Terms and Conditions.pdf]
[Steecon Product Warranty.pdf]

Once the estimate is approved and a purchase order received, we require the following information to begin the pre-production phase and to maximize long-term project efficiency:

  • Aircraft floor plan
  • Electronic (SolidWorks, STEP or AutoCAD) installation drawings(s) of the aircraft cross-section where the item(s) will be located
  • The bulkhead pocket size (pocket doors only)
  • Door handle supplier (Steecon or other), handle type/style and location/position (height) on the door
  • The aircraft type and serial number
  • If a stress report/structural analysis is required
  • Notification of any physical testing requirements such as DO160, DO178, etc.
  • Mandatory FAA certification(s) needed -- 8100-9, 8110-3, 8130-3, etc.
  • Key project personnel contact information (project managers, engineers, purchasing, etc.). New customers should also provide Accounting contact(s)
  • Hi-lo table specs such as stowed/deployed heights, leg spacing, table top weight, etc.
  • Flat panel monitor specs (manufacturer, model #, size, etc.) – if applicable
  • Preferred freight company (FedEx, UPS, DB Schenker, etc.), desired service (overnight, 2-day, ground, freight, etc.) and account number

Working with UsWe believe each customer and project is unique and manage the pre-production, production and post-production phases to the specific needs of both. Receiving electronic engineering files allow us to incorporate our products directly into the cabin schematics. This enables both parties to review and check item fit/function at the onset of the project. We believe this helps eliminate or at the least, minimize costly production and post-production changes. Installation drawing reviews and modifications are made collaboratively to achieve a “design freeze" before products are released to production.

Once manufacturing begins, project management processes are employed to track all critical data and milestone dates. Our streamlined process allows us to quickly adapt to any necessary changes in production, output or delivery schedules. Quality control and testing are maintained throughout the manufacturing process per FAA guidelines.

Product Lead Time - Calendar Product Lead Time

The estimated production/delivery lead time is included in every project estimate. Production lead time begins once a “design freeze” has been achieved with the receipt of approved installation drawings; it does not include design review and modification time.

Manufacturing schedules vary by product type and complexity but the following can be used as a general guideline:


  • Pocket Doors (straight) – approximately 60 business days after design freeze
  • Curved Pocket Doors -- approximately 90 to 120 business days after design freeze
  • Hi-lo Tables -- approximately 90 to 120 business days after design freeze
  • Pull-out Side Ledge Tables – approximately 60 business days after design freeze
  • Fixed-base Tables -- approximately 30 to 45 business days after design freeze
  • Monitor Lifts/Mounts – approximately 60 to 90 business days after design freeze
  • Custom Items – time varies

Please note: delivery will be affected by special testing or certification requirements; these need to be identified and discussed before a project quote can be formulated.


















Certification Product Certification

All products ship with a Steecon Certificate of Conformance. Additional FAA certification documentation (8100-9, 8110-3, 8130-9, etc.) can be provided upon request and should be disclosed as a requirement at the beginning of the project.



Quality Control Product Quality

Our superior product quality and reliability are well known and highly regarded in the industry. To support our commitment to these elevated standards each product includes a five (5) year warranty ensuring against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use. This warranty is intended for the original purchaser of the equipment and commences on the date of installation.
To review our Quality Policy and Objectives, please see the following document:

[SE-302 Quality Policy and Objectives Rev. B.pdf]


We're Here To Help!

Should you need assistance of any kind, please feel free to contact us! Our office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:00 AM (PST) to 5:00 PM (PST) and Friday, 7:00 AM (PST) to 2:00 PM (PST). Our phone number is: +1-714-895-5313.


Chris Steel -- President

Shaun Dolan -- General Manager

Jared Dominguez -- Engineering

Mustafa Tukhi -- Engineering

Davian Camacho -- Quality Control

Shaun Steel -- Production

Anita Kelleher -- Accounting

On-site assistance with product installation, trouble shooting and/or technician training is also available upon request.


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